This moisturizing and refreshing body scrub, made with sea salt and eucalyptus, will exfoliate your skin while leaving it incredibly soft and healthy.


Made with shea butter, apricot oil and Moringa oil. Contains menthol, eucalyptus and ho wood for a calming and refreshing scent.


Perfect for all skin types.

120 g


This tube is made of 50% ocean bound plastic: turning cleaner oceans into packaging. Ocean Bound Plastic is a recycled raw material made from plastic waste that is in risk of ending up in the oceans. 50g

BKIND Sea Salt + Eucalyptus Body Scrub

  • BKIND is a Montreal based brand that finds its roots in the consciousness of everything surrounding them - This value combined to their passion for natural skincare makes of BKIND a company that offers natural products that are effective and of high quality.


Toronto, ON, Canada

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