rooibos, oatstraw, nettle, dandelion root, hibiscus


Radiance is a mineral packed tea tonic to help you radiate from within. A take on a ‘skin tea’. Elevating hydration by nourishing you entirely to feed your skin. Because skin health starts from within. The vitamins and minerals found within this tonic will provide the building blocks to achieve a radiant glow.


feels: glowing, refreshed
tastes: woody, honey, earthy


1 teaspoon per 250ml of hot water. Steep covered for 3-5 minutes.


Rooibos is full of polyphenols + flavonoids, your antioxidants. These will help scavenge any free radicals we pick up from our environment. Rooibos is also high in zinc, which will help fight against mild acne
Dandelion Root is referred to by many herbalists as a ‘supreme liver tonic’. Dandelion will support the detoxification of metabolic wastes by reducing congestion within the liver. By assisting the liver in removing these metabolic wastes, this will help ease any hormonal skin eruptions
Nettle rich in vitamins A, C, and K, silica, magnesium. One of the most nourishing botanicals.
Hibiscus is often referred to as ‘natures botox’ which will help tone, hydrate, and firm our skin naturally. It is also a source of antioxidants, which will help fight free radicals that can cause premature aging of the skin. A cooling + clearing botanical

Living Apothecary - Radiance Tea Blend

  • Living Apothecarry is an organic, boutique line of loose leaf teas. Each blend is curated with purpose using only organic botanicals by Founder + Naturopath, Kara Petrunick.

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